If you need further assistance, please call us at (340) 778-6331 or (305) 863-0081
You can also send us a quick message using the form in our Contact page.

Why do you need my invoice?

Because we clear US Customs for you, we need your invoice before the item leaves our Florida warehouse headed for St. Croix. Send your email to invoice@vicargo.com (type you full name and phone number on the subject line).

What if I'm shipping my own used goods?

We still need to clear your used items with Customs and Excise tax offices. If you are shipping used items already owned by yourself in the States, we will need a signed complete inventory list from you of your items, so we can clear them for you. If you ship a mix of used and new items, we need invoices or receipts for the new items and a signed memo listing the used items. For used goods you will need to email the following forms to invoice@vicargo.com
(type you full name and phone number on the subject line)

Do you ship vehicles?

Yes, we can ship your cars, trucks, and boats from our Port of Palm Beach, Florida warehouse to the St. Croix container port. (Motorcycles can be still be delivered to our Miami Warehouse.) Personal items must be removed from your vehicle but can be taken to our Florida warehouse for shipping to St. Croix (we don’t ship personal items from St Croix back to the States. We clear VI road taxes and US Customs for you. We strive to make this experience as easy as possible. Email sales@vicargo.com (STX) for details and a quote on your vehicle. For details visit our vehicles section.

Do you ships large items?

We usually load 40′ long containers each week. If you have something even larger, call us and we can make arrangements to ship them. We can ship other large items and whole containers for you, please visit our Full Container section.

How often do you ship?

We ship from our Florida warehouse to our St. Croix warehouse weekly. However, motor vehicles take 2-4 weeks. Items received by Tuesday at 4:30PM usually will be ready to be picked up the following midweek. It helps to speed the process if you make sure to send an email with an invoice for your items to invoice@vicargo.com (type you full name and phone number on the subject line). We need the invoice to clear US Customs and VI Excise tax offices. Until Customs and Excise offices clear your paperwork, we are not allowed to release your goods.
This does not apply to vehicles. See vehicles section.

Can VI Cargo pick up my cargo from any location in USA?

Yes, VI Cargo can pick-up Boxes, Barrels, Pallets, Containers from Any location in the Mainland USA. For a quote or more information please visit our Inland Freight section.

What about small items?

We gladly ship small items delivered by UPS, Fedex, DHL, Airborne, the US Postal Service, etc. If your seller only ships to the 48 states, we take the hassle out of the shipping for you. If you use Ebay and pay by Paypal, we suggest you add a shipping address in your Paypal account of Your Name, 11401 NW 107th ST, Suite 200, Miami, FL 33178. We forward a lot of packages from Amazon.com and other online or catalogue outlets. For a quote or more information please visit our Boxes, Barrels, Pallets & Personal Effects section.

Does VI Cargo accept every shipment delivered?

VI Cargo makes every effort to inspect your shipment as it is delivered. We routinely refuse to accept some shipments due to the appearance of the packaging if we think your items are likely damaged. Should this happen, we make attempts to contact you, so you are aware of the refusal.

Coming in September, VI Cargo will be releasing new “eServices” features to our website, including the ability to pay by credit card using PayPal. Check back here for the new User Guide detailing information on the enhancements and how to register on the new eServicesTracking.com website.