st. croix office:   phone (340) 778-6331   /   fax (340) 778-6462
florida office:   phone (305) 863-0081   /   fax (305) 863-0060

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open 8:00am - 4:30pm mon-fri

SOLAS Amendments July 2016    
Shipper's Letter of Instructions    
Questions can be directed to either office at the phone numbers above or

For boats: We will need length, width height and weight and whether it will be delivered on a trailer or a cradle.  Please contact us with this information and we will provide delivery instructions.

Cars, trucks, and motorcycles going from our Medley, Florida warehouse to the St Croix container port:
The deadline for us to have your vehicle and all required paperwork and personal information is each Tuesday afternoon by 4:00PM. The vehicle must have less than 1/4 tank of gas and have been emptied of all personal items.  Here is what we need to ship:
1.   Proof of ownership which is a copy of front and back of the title if already in your name, otherwise a copy of the title and bill of sale, or if there is a loan, a letter of permission from your lien holder and a copy of stateside registration
2.  Insurance will be available for vehicles less than 10 years old, unless you decline with written instructions.
3.  Your personal information is required for us to clear VI road tax and US Customs for you.   We need your name as will be on the VI Title, physical address, phone numbers including cell, make, year, model, color and number of cylinders of vehicle, and your social security number.
4.  Road tax is 16 cents per pound and Customs is free if US assembled. Foreign vehicles are subject to Customs duties with a maximum of 6% of their value. These charges will be added to your freight bill after it is processed.
- The ship leaves each Thursday and arrives three days later on Sunday. We normally have all vehicle cleared of road tax and Customs on Wednesday or Thursday.  Once cleared we will call you for payment and vehicle pickup.

Cars and trucks going from the St Croix container port to the Port of Palm Beach, Florida:
- you must take your VI title and registration to the Lt. Governor's office in Christiansted and obtain a lien search letter made out to VI Motor Vehicles, then take that letter to Motor Vehicles to obtain a letter made out to US Customs of permission to export (these letters cost $25 and $10, respectively).
 -provide VI Cargo with
   1.  Copy of title
   2.  Copy of driver's license if owner is delivering, else notarized letter of authorization from owner to deliverer
   3.  Letter from VI Motor Vehicles to US Customs of permission to export
   4.  Vehicles less than 10 years old will be automatically insured unless you decline with written instructions
   5.  Your intentions as to whether you will clear Customs yourself in Florida or hire a Customs broker
   6.  Your physical address in the States and contact phone numbers including cell
   7.  Vehicle must be clean upon delivery, no mud, they will inspect for dirt and mud including the wheel wells
   8.  Vehicle must have all personal items removed and not more than 1/4 tank of gas
   9.  Vehicle registration

If you can pick up the vehicle at the port in Florida you can also clear Customs and save the Customs broker fees.  If not, we can recommend a broker.

Insurance is optional and 1.86% of the amount of insured value you wish to purchase.

We sail from St. Croix to Florida every Saturday.  The vehicle must be at the port by Tuesday 12:00PM and will arrive 8 days later on Wednesday.  It's usually held by US Customs for inspection which can take from 3-7 days.

US Customs on occasion requires additional inspections or a formal entry which is at their sole discretion and might incur additional customer charges.  Please realize that these charges are not VI Cargo's and we have no control over them.

US Customs does not accept personal items in a vehicle.
  A vehicle is not a shipping container in the eyes of US Customs.

To avoid storage charges your vehicle must be Customs cleared and picked up within 5 days of arrival.

Please note, vehicles cannot have personal goods inside and must have not more than 1/4 tank of gas