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Insurance includes ground transport to our Florida warehouse, ocean transport and delivery to the customer on St. Croix. The Insurance rate is $1.20 per hundred of insured value. Insured value is calculated as invoiced value plus freight, Customs, Excise and clearing charges + 10% Only new items (firsthand- not previously used by anyone else) are insured with the exception of vehicles less than 10 years old which we do insure at a rate of 1.5% of value. To insure a shipment we must have a commercial invoice before the item is shipped across the ocean.

Cargo is exposed to many risks during transportation and this fact makes cargo insurance an important decision. Insure for the unexpected.

The V.I. Cargo insured bill of lading offers you:

-  Peace of mind

-  Efficient claim processing

-  Competitive Rates

-  No deductible

-  Coverage commences from the time the goods leave the shipper and/or supplier's place of business and continues in force during the ordinary and customary course of transit to the final destination.

-  Cargo is protected against "all risk" of physical loss or damage from any external cause irrespective of percentage of loss.

-  Insurance remains in force for fifteen (15) days after vessel discharge or delivery, whichever occurs first. Concealed damage must be reported within three (3) business days of delivery.

-  Certain commodities are excluded for coverage. For a listing of these items, please contact our office.