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SOLAS Amendments July 2016    
Shipper's Letter of Instructions    


Because cargo is exposed to many risks during transportation, having adequate cargo insurance provides peace of mind.
Securing coverage underwritten by a reputable insurance company is easy through VI Cargo.

Insurance protection for new commercial merchandise:

-  Cargo is protected against "All Risk" of physical loss or damage from any external cause irrespective of percentage of loss.
-  Coverage commences from the time goods leave the shipper and/or supplier’s place of business.
-  Insurance remains in force for fifteen (15) days after vessel discharge or delivery, whichever occurs first.
   Concealed damage must be reported within three (3) business days of delivery (excluding weekends and holidays).
-  There is no deductible.


-  This coverage is not applicable to used household goods and personal effects.
-  Coverage for vehicles is port to port only. Vehicle must be in good condition and not older than 10 model years.
-  Specific terms and conditions may vary per type of cargo. Coverage is not available for certain commodities. For a listing of these items or to obtain a quote, please contact VI Cargo.

The insured value is the sum of the invoice value + freight charges (including customs, excise and clearing charges when advanced on the bill of lading) +20%. The insurance rate is $1.10 per $100 of insured value.

Claim Service is Fast and Easy

To ensure no delays in the processing of your claim, please provide relevant information to support your loss. Prompt notification for concealed damages is also essential. Remember that concealed damage must be reported within three (3) business days of delivery.
Note: Damaged goods must be retained for presentation at time of settlement.

-  Claim letter
-  Bill of Lading
-  Delivery receipt(s)
-  Invoices highlighting damaged/short items
-  Photos of damage for claims exceeding $750.00
-  Other relevant information pertaining to the claim if applicable

Depending on the type and extent of loss, other documents may be required.

Claim Letter
Claim Procedure Form