HHG Domestic Offshore Rates & Rules

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Displaying: Original Published Date: 01/20/2016
Effective 1/20/16	
Except as otherwise provided herein, upon the request of the Shipper, Consignee, Beneficial cargo 
Owner, or their agent, Carrier will advance the lawful charges described below for collection with 
Carrier's freight and related assessorial charges, subject to the service charge stated in paragraph 
f.  Such advanced charges will be entered on the B/L, Shipping Orders/Instructions or Carrier's 
Invoice in such a manner as to accurately describe their exact character.  (See NOTES 1 and 2).  
Carrier will ADVANCE -
a. drayage charges of U.S. (See NOTE 3) or foreign motor, rail, water, or air carriers for 
transportation service between Carrier's Terminal, Freight Station or rail ramp, on the one hand, and 
on the other Shipper's, Consignee's, Beneficial cargo Owner's or their agent's premises; and
b. cartage charges for transportation between rail ramps, docks, piers, warehouses, terminals or 
other transportation interchange facilities; and
c. Customs' Service Fees, Forwarders' Fees, Customs House Brokers' charges or other third party 
charges assessed against the shipment; and
d. charges for storage, packing/unpacking or loading/unloading of cargo when such charges are NOT 
included in the rates or charges named in this Tariff, or in Tariffs subject to this Tariff; and
e. Carrier will assess a service charge of 15% (fifteen percent) of the amount of charges advanced, 
subject to a minimum charge of $ 5.00 per charge advanced, which charge shall be in addition to all 
other applicable charges.  The service charge will NOT be assessed on the following advanced charges:
     1. Consular Fees, Consular Blanks or Postage; and
     2. any charged advanced to a licensed FMC Ocean Freight Forwarder.
NOTE 1:  Charges advanced under this Rule may NOT include the invoice value of the cargo transported, 
C.O.D. or Order B/L charges, import/export Taxes/Duties or fines
and penalties imposed by any governmental authority.
NOTE 2:  The Carrier reserves the right to decline to advance any or all charges referred to in this 
Rule if, in its sole judgement, the cargo would not, at forced sale, realize the total freight and 
charges due.
NOTE 3: Charges advanced and paid by Carrier for prior or subsequent transportation services 
performed by any U.S. Motor Common Carrier on behalf of the Shipper, Consignee,
Beneficial Cargo Owner or their agent, which were represented as being lawful and correct when 
invoice/freight bill for such service was presented, will NOT be adjusted.  Further, Carrier will NOT 
collect, or aid in the collection of, any undercharges determined due by such Motor Common Carrier or 
its agent after Carrier's payment of original invoice/freight bill, or otherwise be responsible for 
the collection or payment of any charges not properly quoted, represented or invoiced.
NOTE 4:  When Ocean Freight Forwarder's Advanced Charges are placed on the B/L, the B/L MUST be 
accompanied by a detailed invoice of said charges and Carrier will NOT accept any liability for the 
collection thereof.