HHG Domestic Offshore Rates & Rules

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Displaying: Original Published Date: 01/20/2016
Effective		1/20/2016

Carrier requires the prior booking of:
a. All cargo weighing over 1 W-ton or which cannot be loaded within the inside of a standard closed 
container.  Cargo booking must be made sufficiently in advance of scheduled sailing so that any 
specialized equipment required to handle or transport the cargo can be obtained and furnished to 
Shipper in sufficient time to accomplish loading and movement of cargo to shipside prior to scheduled 
sailing date; and
b. All Full container load "Shipper Load, Stow and Count" shipments (See Rule 2.23).  Cargo booking 
must be made sufficiently in advance of scheduled sailing so that empty container(s) can be made 
available for Shippers to load and return to Carrier's Terminal, CY or Rail Yard/Ramp prior to 
departure date of train or vessel on which cargo has been booked.  Shipper MUST specify the cargo to 
be transported and the number and type of container(s) desired to accommodate shipment at time of 
booking; and
c. All explosives, hazardous, flammable or dangerous cargo as defined in Rule 16.  See Rule 16 for 
specific requirements when booking such cargo; and
d. All shipments moving on an "ORDER" B/L or any shipment for which Carrier has been requested to 
provide shipping documentation; and
e. All cargo requiring transportation in mechanically refrigerated, heated, insulated or ventilated 
containers/equipment.  (Protective Services - See Rule 2.5).