HHG Domestic Offshore Rates & Rules

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Displaying: Original Published Date: 01/20/2016
Effective 1/20/16	
a. Carrier expressly reserves the right, at its sole discretion, for any reason whatsoever and 
without notice, to transfer cargo in its possession from 1 (one)
container to another, to transship cargo from 1 (one)vessel to another and/or to substitute 1 (one) 
mode of transportation for another at any point in, or for any portion of, the through transportation 
service provided by the Carrier.  Any such transfer, transshipment, movement or substitution shall be 
deemed to be within the contract of affreightment and shall NOT be considered a deviation therefrom.
b. Alternate or Substituted Service between Ports: VI Cargo reserves the right to transport cargo to 
alternate or substitute ports of service by trucking, rail, or any other means of transportation 
deemed appropriate by the Carrier, within the range of ports serviced by VI Cargo.  Except as 
otherwise provided below, such substituted service or transfer arrangements shall NOT result either 
directly or indirectly in any lessening or increasing of the cost or expense which the Shipper would 
have borne had the cargo moved from, to or through the port(s) originally intended. 
c. When rates differentiated ONLY by the transportation route utilized are named in this Tariff and 
Carrier, pursuant to the provisions of paragraph 1.5.a. above, forwards cargo to destination via 
alternate or substituted port service, freight charges shall be   assessed based on the 
transportation route selected by the Shipper or Consignee, or the freight charges applicable via the 
actual route of movement, whichever is lower.
d. Nothing in this Tariff shall be construed as requiring VI Cargo to transport cargo or furnish 
service for which is does not have, or cannot obtain, suitable or sufficient transporting containers 
or equipment, nor to accept cargo when underlying   vessel-operating-common-carrier or inland carrier 
services are NOT available.  Further nothing in this Tariff shall be construed as creating any 
obligation for VI Cargo to institute or maintain any service from or to any port or point where it is 
impractical, unsafe or unlawful to operate transportation services or if strikes, labor disturbances, 
civil commotion, military actions, or riots are occurring at the time shipment is tendered or 
e. FORCE MAJEURE CLAUSE:  "Without prejudice to any rights or privileges of the Carrier under 
covering Bills of Lading, Dock Receipts, or Booking Contracts under applicable provisions of law, in 
the event of war, hostilities, warlike operations, embargoes, blockages, port congestion, strikes or 
labor disturbances, regulations of any governmental authority pertaining thereto or any other 
official interferences with
commercial intercourse arising from the above conditions and affecting the Carrier's operations, the 
Carrier reserves the right to cancel any outstanding booking or contract in conformity with Federal 
Maritime Regulations and the Shipping Act of 1984.