HHG Domestic Offshore Rates & Rules

Rule Revision History

Revision Number Published Date Effective Date Title
Revision 1 02/10/2016 02/10/2016 FREIGHT FORWARDER COMPENSATION
Original 01/20/2016 01/20/2016 FREIGHT FORWARDER COMPENSATION

Displaying: Revision 1 Published Date: 02/10/2016
Effective 2/10/16
Compensation to a licensed Ocean Freight Forward will be paid in connection with any shipment 
dispatched on behalf of others when, and only when, such Forwarder is licensed
with the Federal Maritime Commission under Section 19(a) of the Shipping Act of 1984, as amended, and 
has certified in writing that it holds a valid FMC issued Forwarder License (including the number 
thereof) and has performed the following services:
     1. Engaged, booked, secured, reserved, or contracted directly with the Carrier or its agent for 
Carrier's service or confirmed the availability of that service; and
     2. Prepared and processed the Bill of Lading, Dock Receipt, or other similar document with 
respect to the shipment.
a. Carrier will NOT knowingly pay compensation:
	1. more than once on a single shipment; and
2. on a shipment in which the Forwarder has a direct or indirect beneficial interest; and
	3. on any pre-carriage, on-carriage or advanced charges.
b. The amount of Freight Forwarder Compensation will be a percentage of the Freight charges named in 
this Tariff, exclusive of Assessorial Charges, Surcharges, Arbitraries or Advanced Charges.  Freight 
Forwarder Compensation will be as follows:
     3% (Three Percent) of the Basic Freight Charges, See
         None Currently In Effect                
c. Freight Forwarder Compensation and Freight Brokerage will NOT be paid on the same shipment.
d. Invoices for Compensation MUST be presented for payment within 6 (six) months of sailing date of 
transporting vessel.