st. croix office:   phone (340) 778-6331   /   fax (340) 778-6462
florida office:   phone (305) 863-0081   /   fax (305) 863-0060

e-mail invoices to
open 8:00am - 4:30pm mon-fri

SOLAS Amendments July 2016    
Shipper's Letter of Instructions    

VI Cargo

VI Cargo forwards freight and personal goods from Miami to St. Croix.  We strive to provide an easy customer experience and hold costs to a minimum.  When you use us to get your goods from the Miami area to St. Croix, we clear US Customs and VI Excise for you.  All you'll have to do is come to our Castle Coakley office for pickup.

Using us is as easy as 1,2,3.

1. Ship goods to Your Name C/O VI Cargo, 11401 NW 107th St, Suite 200, Miami, FL 33178

2. Fax your invoice to 305-863-0060 or email it to Make sure your phone number is on the invoice or that we already have your contact information.

3. Wait for our phone call telling you that your goods are ready for pickup. We can refer you to local cost effective delivery services if your items are too big or heavy for you to pickup.  Our St. Croix voice phone number is 340-778-6331.

Our weekly cutoff for sailing is Tuesday at 4:30PM.  Anything arriving with an an invoice, by then will sail on the weekend and be available for pickup the following mid week in St. Croix.

Nothing is too small for us to ship.  One tip is to use us for ebay purchases when the seller only ships to the States.  Add us to your paypal addresses and just have the items delivered to us.  Fax or email the paypal invoices to us.  We are extremely cost effective for small items.  Don't get in those long post offices lines!  (The next time you are in a long line at the Post Office, think of us).

* We suggest you send the items to your own name, not VI Cargo, so we will know who they belong to.  We previously suggested sending to Your Name % VI Cargo, but experience has shown that many shippers will just send to VI Cargo and we will not know who to contact to pick up the items when they arrive in St. Croix.